Financial and Retirement Planning

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Financial & Retirement Planning

At Statera Financial, we are dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals so you can be better prepared for life’s uncertainties. We assist you in making good financial decisions by sharing our knowledge and expertise in financial planning, insurance, investments, and retirement products. FINRA BrokerCheck.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement can be a scary time. It is a time of adjustment and excitement and many unknowns. At Statera Financial, we understand the challenges of when to start Social Security, how the wrong Medicare decision can increase expenses, and how spending down the nest egg can be affected by timing of the market. A retirement plan from Statera Financial will take into among other things, market, longevity, and inflation risk. No two plans are the same as each of our clients are given the individual attention needed to both educate and communicate the plan.

Financial and Investment Planning

At Statera Financial, Financial planning starts with listening to our clients’ needs and goals. Our clients come to us at all stages of life. Whether it is planning to pay for college, getting through a divorce, or setting the stage for retirement, a financial plan is essential. At Statera Financial, we take a holistic approach as we understand how each decision affects the other aspects of our client’s financial picture.

The Advisors at Statera Financial will sit with each client and determine their financial objectives and their tolerance for risk. With this information, we will match our clients to the portfolio that best suits them. At Statera we take a holistic view of our clients financials not only taking into consideration their investments, but how income, expenses, and cash flow play a part in the Investment choices.

Medicare Planning

Part A or Part C, Medigap or Medicare Advantage? Medicare can be confusing and at Statera Financial we educate our clients on the choices, options, and rights of each Medicare recipient. The advisors at Statera Financial have the education and the credentials to talk to our clients about this healthcare coverage. The wrong Medicare solution can alter your retirement plan and at Statera Financial, we want to make sure that all our clients are well informed to make the right decision.

Insurance Solutions

At Statera Financial we feel the base of a sound financial plan is to protect your most important assets, your life, your income, and your assets. We know that not all insurance companies have the right products for everyone and at Statera, we work with multiple insurance carriers. If you need is Life, Disability Income, or Long-Term Care Insurance, we will find a solution for you.