Financial and Retirement Planning

Retirement Income Planning

retired couple smilingRetirement Income Planning

Transitioning from saving for your future to living each year to the fullest.

At Statera Financial, we look at:

What and how much you have

What you have saved for retirement, and how much predictable and guaranteed income you’ll get from Social Security, pensions, and annuities

How much you’ll need

Important expenses like health care, housing, and food, and additional expenses for going out to dinner, buying a new car, travel, and hobbies.

Several factors that can chip away at your spendable income

Which account to withdraw from and when

Medicare penalties and income related adjustments

Market timing, volatility and corrections, Inflation risk and many more…


We will help you integrate tax-smart strategies with a Retirement Income plan that can help you maximize your income for the rest of your life.