Financial and Retirement Planning
Caucasian aged mature couple have a lot of fun riding together the same bike in outdoor happy leisure activity together in relationship and forever concept – enjoy lifestyle and never end happiness


Angela & Brad


AGE: 66 & 65


Reduce taxes, realign investments, and create a reliable income stream in retirement.

Angela and Brad recently retired from successful careers and have lots of plans for the future.

They want to ensure that their retirement plan not only provides the lifestyle they have imagined in retirement but that they have a plan to make sure they never run out of money.


Brad devoted 35 years to his company before deciding it was time to move into the next phase of his life.

With his children grown, he and his wife Angela were looking forward to traveling, hiking, and giving back to their community.

Brad’s retirement package included a 401(k), stock options, and a pension, and he was hoping to put these assets to work so he and Angela could enjoy a comfortable future filled with all the things they dreamed of doing.

Brad and Angela weren’t quite sure what steps to take for these funds and needed some advice as to what investment options were available to them.

The ultimate goal was to make sure that their money would outlive them while providing the comfortable lifestyle they envisioned.


It was important to help make Angela and Brad’s retirement planning process both comprehensive and easy to understand.

The retirement planning process involved:

Understanding all the goals Brad and Angela have for themselves and their children and grandchildren

Performing a thorough risk analysis

Doing an in-depth analysis of Brad and Angela’s financial accounts and insurance policies

Summarizing all the options available to them along with any corresponding tax ramifications

Reviewing withdrawal strategies to provide them with a reliable income stream

Establishing any new investment/retirement accounts along with any new insurance policies including health, dental, vision, and life

Creating a strategy for addressing a potential long term care event



The solutions adopted by Angela and Brad helped them in many ways:

They were able to reduce taxes now and in the future

Their retirement savings were properly allocated relative to their level of risk

They have a predictable stream of income that they could not outlive


Today, Angela and Brad are enjoying their retirement. They travel between their home in Massachusetts and their beach house in South Carolina, take long hikes on the weekends, and spend time with their grandchildren every chance they get.

They have the confidence of knowing that their financial plan is sustainable and that Brad and Angela can relax and enjoy life on their terms.

Angela and Brad’s retirement plan is reviewed continuously. Any changes in their health or goals can be immediately addressed.

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